Dark Chocolate Lavender Tart

Impress your dinner guests with this easy and elagant dark chocolate lavender tart.| ibakeheshoots.com

Ok. So, it seems my lavender obsession is getting out of hand. Listen! I’m admitting it, ok? No need to insult me.

Eh…whatever. Insult me all you want. I’ve got a big bag of lavender so it’s springtime in your face! Ok, maybe not in your face, but definitely on your screen.

Anyways, I haven’t tried lavender in everything but if I had to rate my recent pairings, it would look like this: Read More…

5 Reasons Why I Ditched Lightroom for Capture One Pro

rumford baking powder biscuits process with Capture One Pro 8

Rumford Baking Powder Biscuits for Clabber Girl


I have to admit I’m a huge fan of Lightroom.  It’s an amazing program that’s perfectly tailored for photographers.  So why did I ditch it for Capture One Pro?  The answer is simple: phenomenal image quality.  In addition, the program has a host of features that are ideal for studio photographers.  What started as a simple trial has turned into my permanent image processing solution.  Here are the 5 reasons why I left Lightroom 5 and switched to Capture One Pro 8. Read More…