Easy Chili Pie

This Easy Chili Pie, right here… What can I say? Oh plenty, ‘chile, plenty. And…GO! This chili pie is: easy. duh! made of chili and cornbread. and you know how much I love cornbread. oh so tasty; one pan never last more than 2 days ...Read More

White Chocolate Heart Bars

Happy 4 days after Valentine’s Day! That’s a thing right? Well, even if it’s not I’m going to celebrate with some white chocolate heart bars. Now…white chocolate didn’t used to be my thing. Years ago, if you’d asked if I wanted a cookie that ...Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

  Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t you just love a day where you’ve got the green light to stuff your face with See’s candy, spend all day with your favorite person, and eat the finest dinner you can imagine (I’m thinking… surf & turf + ...Read More