All Things Thursday: 300 Sandwiches Edition

All Things Thursday: 300 Sandwiches EditionHello Everybody! Happy All Things Thursday! Let’s talk 300 sandwiches.

“You are 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” her boyfriend exclaimed. And so the young lady got cooking. Apparently, after making him #256 she finally got the ring. It sounds like a story I’d want to tell my future children.

 Children: Mommy, how did daddy know you were the one?

Mommy: Well, it’s a beautiful story, kids. You see, your daddy loves sandwiches and…

 Now, about the food…

I’ve got a buddy who’s into all things rhubarb and cocktails. He could do wonders with this Rhubarb Syrup. The Kitchn

After making Vegan Chocolate Avocado Truffles, I’m thinking truffles might be my new thing. As such, these Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles are on deck. Put On Your Cake Pants

Guacamole is the truth, but Spicy Guacamole? Natasha’s Kitchen

Gourmet Spinach Blue Cheese Burgers. Need I write more? One Hundred Dollars A Month

I just want to smash these Triple Vanilla Brownies into my mouth! Classy Cutter


The end of Spring semester is near, my friends. Perhaps, I will celebrate with all of the above. Would you blame me? Until next time…


When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead.
Ernest Hemingway


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    • May 22, 2014

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