About Dave & Mondo

Some people call me the Cookie Lady, but most of the time I go by Mondo. I’m a self-taught baker, who specializes in cookies, but capable of oh-so-much more. As the owner of Mondo’s Morsels, I ship delicious confections to people across the U.S.

I bake he shoots is an exploration of my love of all things delectable and addiction to gorgeous food photography. Since I love to make/bake things and my best friend loves to light/shoot things, this collaboration was inevitable.

When I’m not working you’ll usually find me studying American Sign Language or waiting for the latest installment of 24: Live Another Day and being genuinely obsessed with Hannibal. While doing so, I’ll probably be stuffing my lactose-intolerant face with grilled cheese sandwiches-extra bacon please!

If we’re not discussing food, then we’re talking about alcohol. My favorite kinds? Irish Whiskey neat and ice cold beer. Wanna see me happy? Send me an endless supply of both.

The Gods of Dessert bestowed upon me the deepest affinity for all things chocolate. Add peanut butter to the equation and I’m over the moon. Plus, a salted chocolate chip cookie never hurt anybody.

Currently, I live in the traffic-choked City of Angels and wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes it’s hard to spot L.A.’s beauty, but through David’s eyes, it’s easy to find…



and here.

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About David

David MayerhoferPhotographer David Mayerhofer creates dramatic images of still life, food, and urban landscapes for a variety of clients and has had his work featured in The Los Angeles Times. His commercial studio is located in Hollywood California and can accommodate everything from intimate portraits to large scale advertising assignments.

If you would like to find out more, please check out his bio on davidmayerhofer.com.