All Things Thursday: Good and Cheap Edition


Hello Everyone and Happy All Things Thursday!

I hope everyone is alive and well out there. How are you? Ready for Halloween? Scarfing down chocolate candy in bulk? Buying up local/organic/free range turkeys and prepping for Thanksgiving, are we? Awesome! Thought I’d chat you up and share a few things with ya. Let’s get started!

I’m excited to read Leanne Brown’s Good and Cheap: Eat Well On $4/Day: a cookbook based on the amount of money the U.S. government gives the underprivileged in food stamps. It provides healty recipes on a budget and it’s for a good cause. If you buy a copy of the book one will be donated to a person or family in need. Yes, you can download the pdf for free but purchase a copy, if you can. Good deeds are well rewarded, karma-style.

I’m off to procure an insane amount of candy. I’ll trust you to do the same. Thanks for stopping by, friends.


If you want to grow up big and strong, sweet pea, you have to eat your candy.
Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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