All Things Thursday: Lovely Love Note Edition

All Things Thursday: Lovely Love Note EditionHello there, friends and…Happy All Things Thursday!

Found some really interesting things while skipping around the web this week. And if you love “love”, one of those things might make you cry. I’m not saying I cried. I…<sniff> excuse me for a moment.

I just read what might be the most lovely love note ever written. It was penned by a gent who, One rainy night in 1972, shared a precious moment with a beautiful woman who changed his life. If it didn’t happen? What a wonderful imagination and command of the written word the author possesses. If it did? I hope they meet again one day so he can say: Thank you.

Trying to make your food photos kill on Instagram? Watch this video on 5 Tricks To Style Your Food Like A Pro. “It takes your picture to a whole nutha’ appetizing level.” Stealing that! Huffington Post

Halloween is just around the corner and I’m ready to make some skull cookies. How cute would my cookies be when rolled with this skull rolling pin? Great for baking but this is straight-up art. Shall we put in on the mantle? Etsy

Have you ever wondered why your pee reeks after eating asparagus? Find out why here. Buzzfeed


Now, let’s talk food…

Did someone say shrimp éttoufée? ‘Cause I will never pass up a bowl of shrimp éttoufée. The Kitchn

Classic Cornbread is one of my favorite foods ever, but I’ve never heard of cornmeal pound cake. Color me intrigued. Southern Souffle

Kinda envious of the blueberry honey scones and the “baking vacation” Kristin took at King Arthur’s Baking Center. A week of hands-on lesson on pastry? Sounds right up my alley.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this salted chocolate caramel tart as of late. It looks absolutely divine. Brown Eyed Baker

Olivia from Liv for Cake is an absolute artist. Check out this pumpkin spice latte bundt cake. Mind blown.


Two more weeks until Halloween arrives which means just enough time to carve pumpkins and screen all my favorite horror films. Wait. Did I really just write “screen”? Who do I think I am, Spielberg? By the by, what horror movies will you be screening watching this week?


It’s as much fun to scare as to be scared.
Vincent Price

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