Dumb Starbucks Coffee [UPDATED]

Dumb Starbucks Coffee: a parody store in LA.

1st Visit

Early Saturday evening, the LAist informed me, via Facebook, that something called Dumb Starbucks Coffee had popped up in Los Feliz. My first reaction was…wtf? This has to be a hoax! Well, hoax or no hoax, I had to find out for myself.

Are you with me?

Dave was more interested in reruns of The Good Wife, but he wasn’t about to let me go by myself. Luckily for us, Los Feliz is really close to our neighborhood.

We got there around 7pm. It was closed. There were a handful of people hanging around, taking pictures of the sign, and discussing the ridiculousness of the coffee shop.

We left, but decided to stop by the next morning on the way to the studio.

Dumb Starbucks Coffee: a parody store in LA.

2nd Visit

This thing is real. The Dumb Starbucks Coffee Shop was open. The air was filled with genuine excitement. People were crazed and pumped. I think I would’ve been too, if the line wasn’t so freaking long.

Dumb Starbucks Coffee: a parody store in LA.


Dave and I had work to do and we weren’t about to skirt it for Dumb-Ass Starbucks Coffee.

See what I did there?

I thought to myself…perhaps, the line will be shorter around 3pm.?

Dumb Starbucks Coffee: a parody store in LA.


3rd visit

We learned that the good people of Dumb Starbucks Coffee were giving out free coffee and pastries.

Ok, that’s  kinda cool, but is it worth a 3hr wait?

Are you kidding me? Hell, no! Although, I did talk to someone who did wait. It one breath she put down my city and spouted her east coast snobbery.

“Nothing ever happens in LA, so I had to come out. Yeah, I’m from the east coast.”

Ugh, what a bore.

Dumb Starbucks Coffee: a parody store in LA.

Although, she did let Dave take a photo of her coffee cups.

4th visit

On the drive to the coffee shop Dave said:

If you’re on your fourth visit to Dumb Starbucks, it’s not the coffee that’s dumb.

I couldn’t stop laughing…but here we are again.

The Dumb Starbucks Coffee is open. People aren’t really excited anymore-it’s Monday morning. A photographer from Reuters is there taking shots for a piece not yet written. The wait is shorter than it was the day before, but still there’s a long line.

So, what do we do now?

Starbucks: the real deal.

We go here.

Update: The LA County Health Department shut down Dumb Starbucks Coffee on February 10th. Forgetting your health permits? That’s a pretty dumb move.

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  1. 1

    Lol great story Mondo! I love that you had to go back 4 times just to satisfy that photographers love of a good story!!! Well done!
    One thing I am wondering is how they can use the Starbucks sign? Isn’t it copy written?

    • 2

      Thanks Sharna! I was thinking that, as well. A Starbucks rep states, “We are evaluating next steps and while we appreciate the humor, they cannot use our name, which is a protected trademark.”-USA Today. I don’t think Dumb Starbucks Coffee is long for this world.

  2. 3

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