All Things Thursday: Good and Cheap Edition


Hello Everyone and Happy All Things Thursday!

I hope everyone is alive and well out there. How are you? Ready for Halloween? Scarfing down chocolate candy in bulk? Buying up local/organic/free range turkeys and prepping for Thanksgiving, are we? Awesome! Thought I’d chat you up and share a few things with ya. Let’s get started!

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Easy Magic Mayo

Tired of tasteless, boring mayo? Spice it up with three ingredients and transform it into easy magic mayo. |

Me? I’m a mustard girl. I love all kinds: grainy, spicy brown, French’s…

…but Dave’s not really on board with the whole mustard thing. He prefers mayo. That’s fine but since I’m the one who makes all the sandwiches in this house, I thought I might up my condiment game.

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