Eat your Photography with Boomf


If you’re tired of the same old impersonal snacks, then Boomf is the service for you.  For the low price of $20, Boomf will print 9 of your favorite Instagram photos on Marshmallows.  That’s right …. Marshmallows.  The next time you want to relive great family memories, don’t reach for the photo albums, pull out the Marshmallows!

Photography isn’t as permanent as it used to be with services like Snapchat, but this takes things to a whole ‘nutha level.  Forget about deleting photos, now you can eat photos.

Considering these are printed on food, I gotta say the demo’s look pretty good. But who cares, it’s a photo printed on a Marshmallow.  Nobody is going to call Boomf and complain about their blacks dropping out.

Boomf is located in the UK, but they do ship worldwide.  With Christmas around the corner, this could make the perfect gift for your favorite photographer.

I don’t know about you, but after checking out these photos, I never want to eat boring old Marshmallows again.




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