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I’m always looking for something new to shoot and this project literally dropped out of the sky.

It started when my next door neighbor stopped by and “warned” me she was going to trim her 100 ft palm tree.  I smiled and thanked her for the notice, but during the exchange I was thinking – “Why is this crazy lady on my porch bothering me with this nonsense.”

I know this may sound harsh, but I live in Los Angeles, not Kansas.  Unless there is a medical emergency or a hostage standoff, I don’t want to hear an unsolicited knock at the front door.

The following day the tree trimmers arrived and I quickly realized two things: 1) When a neighbor knocks on my door, I need to take them seriously and 2) I don’t know the first thing about horticulture.

I had expected a simple trim and cleanup, but instead, it was like the gardeners had set off a Palm Tree bomb.  I looked out my window and Palm shrapnel as flying everywhere.

Most people would see a big mess, but I’m photographer.  I saw a picture.

I ran out with an old grocery bag and started collecting the Palm Bark off my front lawn.  The guys trimming the tree had a good laugh at the Gringo and his bag of bark, but hey, it was for art.

Despite the laughs, as soon as I took that first shot, I knew I had something special.

I present to you – REFUSE.













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    Yet another example of the beauty of nature. I love how you photographed them so simply with a white background so as not to take away from this fact. As a southern California native myself, I have seen my share of palm trees, but never before have I admired them as I have the pieces in your photos. My genuine thanks for transporting me back home for a few moments.

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