Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, Friends! It’s 2014.

How was your Eve? Did you party like it was 2013 1999? Did you stay in, drink a bottle of Bushmills, and watch X-Files reruns? Or did you go out, stain your favorite party dress, and hit Del Taco at 2am?

I’m not saying I did these things, I’m just saying whatever you did…no judgments.

Just color me happy that you’re all safe, taking it easy, drinking a cup of coffee, and thinking about the year ahead. That’s what I’m doing…minus the coffee part, of course.

Pondering the new year, I can’t wait to see what it brings. Hopefully, good things. Hopefully, tons of smiles, friends, and food…and you. Thanks for checking in; I’ve missed you. Dave and I have something new for you. So, come on back tomorrow and bring your appetite.

Peace and Blessings,