All Things Thursday: 2nd Edition


Hello again!

It’s All Things Thursday and I’ve been thinking on things.

Last week, I read about something called in vitro meat. Meat that vegans could consume without guilt. Actual meat made in a lab from cow stem cells. What? Meat that’s grown in a petrie dish? Is it just me or is that kinda creepy?

The father-daughter team over at Herriott Grace make the most beautiful wooden pieces-spoons, bowls, and rolling pins, amongst other things. Personally, I’d like to purchase every spoon they’ve ever made. It’s functional art people. Get into it.

The new Fall TV season is here. I should be super-excited, but here’s what I’ve been wondering…when does season 2 of Hannibal begin?

Does anybody know their way around some Beer Mancakes? Yeah, me neither. Just the title alone has me intrigued. Perhaps, this weekend, I’ll try to whip up a batch from scratch.

I can’t seem to get this song outta my head. If you press play, undoubtedly, you’ll have the same problem. Proceed with caution…What Does the Fox Say?

I think there was more but it’s time for a hot tea and some Nutella-dotted peanut butter cookies. Until we meet again, my friends.


Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.
Frank Lloyd Wright

(photo credit: David Mayerhofer)



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