Rose Parade Floats 2015

I apologize.

We’ve been gone way too long. But I return with pics of floats.

No, not the kind you eat, silly… Rose Parade Floats 2015! Cue the happy dance in 5, 4 , 3, 2…

Look at that face! I don’t think anyone is having as much fun as she is! My favorite float of them all!

Shark Tales

There’s an octopus riding a shark, people! Don’t act like you’ve seen that before.


Power Peace

This kid’s got the Rose Float spirit. Check out that stance. What is that? Power peace? Amen, brotha.


"It's hot but at least I'm wearing white."

“C’mon ladies, you know you want a piece.”



Not as many people as last year, but still thousands upon thousands. I think the lady on the left is ready to murder somebody.


_DSC9322 (2)

The design of this bird is absolutely stunning! Great job, Singpoli group!


"America...fuck yeah! Coming to save the mutha... " Just a little something for the South Park fans out there.

“America…fuck yeah! Coming to save the mutha… ” Any South Park fans out there?

_DSC9375 (2)

Sierra Madre kills it with their whimsical design.


Makes me feel like a kid again.

Makes me feel like a kid again.


Jungle crew to the rescue-fires be damned!

Burbank jungle crew to the rescue-fires be damned!


_DSC9363 (2)

The chief’s got it all figured out.



Magical Merlin commands your attention. “Behold the Rose Parade Floats of 2015!”

…just a few of our favorites from 2015. If you have a moment check out our favs from last year’s Rose Parade Floats.

Viewing these floral works of art is my favorite part of the new year. I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.


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