All Things Thursday: The Happiest Meal Edition

All Things Thursday: The Happiest Meal EditionHello Good People! Welcome to All Things Thursday!

It’s been an interesting week. I visited a highly questionable Burrito Box, made some reduced fat buffalo wings, and read up on some ridiculous food news. Wanna know what I found? Lean in closer and I’ll tell ya.

Apparently, there’s a McDonald’s in Pittsburg of the “highest” caliber. It seems that if you went through the drive thru and uttered the phrase “I’d like to order a toy,” your bag would contain a burger, fries and a side of heroin. Now, that’s some kind of Happy Meal! But don’t expect McDonald’s to do everything for ya…needles and lighters are not included. (Huffington Post)

As you might know, the Super Bowl is just a few days away. If you’re having people over perhaps you can impress them with a Snackadium. What’s that, you ask? A Snackadium is a collection of snacks and appetizers made to look like a football stadium. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to put in that kind of work but if you do, be sure to send me an invite. (Pillsbury)

On the recipe front…

Been thinking about making some Homemade Toffee for a while. I see a bacon version in my future. (Damn Delicious)

I might’ve mentioned before that I’m crazy about peanut butter. If you are too,  join me in exploring 11 Recipes to Honor Peanut Butter. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Cupcakes look amazing! (Food52)

White pizza has never been my favorite, but this one has bacon. Perhaps, the tides are turning. (How Sweet It Is)

Chicken Fried Potatoes. Why didn’t I think of that? (Spoon Fork Bacon)

I love to snack on chips and dip not just on Game Day, but any day. Shake it up a bit with 11 Game Changing Chips and Dips. (Food52)

That’s it for me, folks. Report to your Super Bowl battle stations. Here’s to hoping your Game Day eats are better than the actual game.


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Burrito Box: What Was I Thinking?

The Burrito Box. An L.A. fixture that dispenses tortilla wrapped mediocrity.

Ok….here’s what I was thinking.

There’s a machine that doles out warm burritos in West Hollywood. No matter what I have to check it out.

Also, I was thinking…I don’t wanna drive or take pictures, so I guess I’ll bring Dave along.

The Burrito Box. An L.A. fixture that dispenses tortilla wrapped mediocrity.

This place must’ve been the nicest gas station store on the planet. You can’t tell from the outside, but inside they had rows and rows of designer whole grain tortilla chips and European refreshments. Think Whole Foods meets the Gas ‘n Sip.

Anyway, Dave and I waited our turn as a hipster gent tried to order a vegetarian burrito.  His girlfriends discussed their lactose issues.

“I can’t have cheese or sour cream.” the tall one exclaimed.

We waited.

The Burrito Box. An L.A. fixture that dispenses tortilla wrapped mediocrity.

We were entertained by a music video during the interim. Did I mention that the Burrito Box wants you to dance while you wait for mediocrity? No? Well, it does.

“That’s mighty kind of them.” I thought.

Not sure why I started thinking like a farm hand, but it doesn’t matter. It was our turn, so we stepped up to the plate.

The Burrito Box. An L.A. fixture that dispenses tortilla wrapped mediocrity.

Dave and I ordered the Free Range Chicken Burrito. How could it go wrong? The burrito came from happy chickens. Our total came to $3.98.

We waited some more; but at least our ears were blessed by the soothing sounds of percussion-filled techno. Ugh.

Our burrito was ready.

The Burrito Box. An L.A. fixture that dispenses tortilla wrapped mediocrity.

Looked alright in the package, but then we took it out and good lord! The burrito was damp. Damp! It was like the Burrito Box’s cooking method of choice was steam. I took a bite and was completely unimpressed. The chicken was flavorless and the moist tortilla takes you aback.

Perhaps, a bit of hot sauce would help.

The Burrito Box. An L.A. fixture that dispenses tortilla wrapped mediocrity.

It didn’t.

There’s no picture of the burrito. I didn’t want to be reminded of what I’d tasted.

The Burrito Box. An L.A. fixture that dispenses tortilla wrapped mediocrity.

To alleviate my what-was-I-thinking moment, Dave took me to Greenblatt’s, arguably the best pastrami sandwich joint in L.A.  When you come for a visit, skip the Burrito Box and go straight there. Order the #7 and look for the happy chick in the booth behind you. That’ll be me.


All Things Thursday: Things are Looking Up Edition

December 2103 Analytics for I bake he shoots

Happy All Things Thursday, People!

Sorry that I missed ya last week. I’ve been sick and then it was finals week, blah, blah, blah…

First things first…I’d like to wish my great friends Marsha and Pauline, the happiest of birthdays today. They’re twins, by the way. And, as it happens, they’re both pregnant. How crazy would it be if they both had twins? Just imagine…uh oh, my head is spinning.

Things are looking up here at I bake he shoots. Did you see that graph? We went from 146 to 992 visitors in one day. Say what, now?

Here’s what happened:

  1. Using the great Alton Brown’s recipe, I made the perfect baked potato.
  2. Dave made said potato look way more amazing than it was in reality.
  3. I submitted Dave’s photo to Foodgawker.
  4. You guys liked what you saw.

What ‘s most important here is you. That’s right, you. You came to our site, took a look around, hung out, and gave us some cool compliments. Without you this would all be for naught. Well…not completely. Even if you didn’t like us, we’d still get to eat some pretty tasty food at the end of the day.

Hold up a second…I’m getting off track.

What Dave and I would like to do is give you a big, sloppy, wet kiss to show our gratitude. However, that might be quite difficult and kinda gross. So instead, we’ll give you a hearty…


Thank You!


We promise…this is just the beginning.

Dave & Mondo


There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.


All Things Thursday: Spit Sandwich Edition

All Things Thursday: Spit Sandwich Edition

Happy All Things Thursday, people!

Are you as excited as I am? Probably not, but that’s ok. I still love ya.

A former McDonald’s employee was sentenced to 29 months in jail for spitting in a cop’s sandwich. Apparently, Dalton Ursulean spit on the sandwich for approxinmately 50 seconds. Not only did he serve the cop a Spit Sandwich, he super-sized it with a dose of Hepatitis C. Jeez, that’s a lot of hate, right there. (Huffington Post)

I thought I was obsessed with cookies. Then I saw a video of Chip Chocolate sitting in a vat of milk wearing a giant cookie a la Flavor Flav. Pardon me while I rethink my definition of ‘obsessed’.

I’ve taken crappy food photos with my phone. Who hasn’t? I would think the answer to that question is ‘Martha Stewart’.  I guess her food doesn’t always look perfect after all.

On the recipe front…

Ms. Gina over at Skinnytaste has created a recipe for Slow Cooker Garlic Sweet Potato Mash. It looks absolutely delicious. Count me in. (Skinnytaste)

I’ve been making a lot of stove top popcorn lately, but I haven’t tried this method. Color me intrigued. (Pastry Affair)

Easy Garlic Bread is something I’m quite keen on. I’ve heard of this recipe before, but never tried it. Perhaps, this weekend? (Simply Recipes)

My mom used to make us pan-fried pork chops back in the day and they were fantastic. I miss them. Perhaps, these Crisp Pork Cutlets would be the next best thing. (Food52)

It’s been a long and beautiful rainy day in L.A. and I loved it. Wherever you are I hope you are nice and cozy by the fire, drinking a cup of tea and enjoying some great conversation.

Until next time, my friends.


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