Enough is Enough! Here’s Why I Left My Studio


“You totally screwed me!”

Those were the last words I heard as the studio door was slammed in my face.  I never imagined things would end this way, but life is funny.

Two weeks ago, everything was cool.  Now, I don’t have a studio.  Here’s what happened.

The Backstory

My studio was always a bit of a dump, but a cheap dump.  I shared it with a couple of other photographers and on most days, things were copacetic.

The other photographers shot fashion and glamour and I photographed product and food.  It wasn’t always a harmonious union, but the price was right.  The only big issue between us was cleanliness.  I cleaned the studio and they didn’t.  It was always a drag, but I could deal with it.

Unfortunately, over the past year, the problems grew and a lot strange stuff happened like a former tenant breaking in and video surveillance being placed in the shared bathroom.  I could handle the mess, but the other stuff was becoming a headache.

The Event

Despite the issues, I still had no intention of leaving.  I bake he shoots was doing well and the studio was a great place to create content.

Regrettably, everything changed a few weeks ago when I arrived at the studio and there was a “3 Days to Pay Rent or Vacate” notice on the door.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the refrigerator was off, the microwave was broken, and the place was infested with rodents.

I called the studio owner who explained the pre-eviction notice was a mistake by the property manager, but I’m not an idiot.  He’s always been straight with me, but this wasn’t the first time a “late” notice had been posted to the door.  Did I really want to be the sucker who got locked out of his studio due to an unknown eviction?

Decision Time

I thought about it for a few days and decided to pull the pin.  How could I possibly photograph food with a studio full of rats.  It was disgusting and a dealbreaker.  I had complained about the same problem a few months earlier, but nothing was done and the rats were back.

This continuing issue combined with the pre-eviction notice and the other problems made the studio unusable for any paying food client.  It was time to go.


I gave a two week notice and cleaned out my locker.  When I dropped off the keys, the owner said I had screwed him due to the short notice and I told him the studio was broken and unusable.  I had always paid my rent on time and cleaned up after his tenants for years, but it didn’t matter.  I was the villain.

I felt bad for a few days, but then I realized I would never have to deal with this nonsense again.

I was finally free and ready for the better times ahead.

studio 2

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    Yes, you made the right move. I feel situations like this happen for a reason and your next studio and location will even be better. Good luck, I’m looking forward to your next food pictures in a better and cleaner environment.

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