All Things Thursday: Incredible Week Edition

All Things Thursday: Incredible Week Edition

It’s been a incredible week!

I ate grilled chocolate sandwiches for the first time, Kitchen Daily featured my recipe for grilled cheese egg in the hole, and I’m averaging an A in both my classes. I’m feeling fine, y’all…just fine.

Moreover, I was supposed to meet Leonardo Dicaprio and his supermodel girlfriend for dinner at KFC, but for some strange reason I stood them up. Incredibly weird. The upside is I got to meet Dizzy Gillespie and we had a nice chat. Freaking Dizzy Gillespie, man! Yeah, I forgot all about Leo after that. Of course, it was all a crazy dream. Leo doesn’t eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, people! And The Great Dizzy is long gone, but our tête-à-tête was beautiful.

Now, about the food…

Butterfinger Cookies. Seriously? Must have. Cookies and Cups

I’ve never had a Chocolate Cannoli before, but this recipe makes me want to change that. Bakers Royale

If I make Dave this Killer Ham and Cheese Melt he will love me forever. Who am I kidding? That’s already guaranteed. Real Food by Dad

I want this Chocolate Hazelnut Layer Cake…and I mean now! Cookies and Cups

Now I know what to serve with the Killer Ham and Cheese Melt-The Best Oven Chips Ever. The Sugar Hit

It’s been a long and incredible week, my friends.  I must take my leave. Until next time…


If you can dream it, you can do it.
Walt Disney



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All Things Thursday

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